Monday, March 29, 2010

Of course I'll do it honey....later

I am waiting for the baby to say something recognizable, like Dada or Mama. We might have some time to go, but she's making some incredibly fun noises.

Raising kids can help you to see how incredibly screwed up your own childhood was, regardless of how happy you may have turned out. I say this because my first word, according to my mother, was "procrastinate". Yep. Seriously. I had the story clear in my head by the time I was six, and I'd tell it with great pride. She told me she'd taught it to me because my dad was so good at putting things off. My mother is a great nagger, and I can remember epic times in my young life when she'd be at my father to complete a task. Still it seems a little sick, doesn't it, to get your toddler in on the nagging act?

My parents split when I was 13. I tend to procrastinate- is this a learned trait? in defiance of my mother? in my genes? My dad still puts things off- I have yet to receive the Christmas pictures he promised me two months ago.

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